Permit required for taking photos at Glendale park

Permit required for taking photos at Glendale park

CREATED Dec 17, 2012

Web Producer: Mekita Rivas

PHOENIX (AP) - Anyone who wants to take photographs at Glendale's Sahuaro Ranch Park beyond just snapping a quick photo with an iPhone or small camera will have to get a $100 permit.

The Arizona Republic reports that the permit requirement went into effect this month after parks officials got fed up with damage to historic buildings, wedding crashers and photographers who haul in intrusive props.

City officials say spontaneous photos of a special moment likely wouldn't require a photo permit.

Instead, the policy focuses on photographers who take clients to the park specifically to shoot photos.

Glendale city officials hope the permit will discourage photographers who bring along bulky equipment or props.

Last year, a photographer dragged a couch onto the lawn outside a historic house in the park.

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