Midtown meeting addresses TPD response times

Midtown meeting addresses TPD response times

CREATED Dec 12, 2012

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Burglaries and break-ins have midtown neighbors on alert. Wednesday, inside the Ward Six council office, Tucson Police Department officers told area residents that in the last two months there has been a spike in break-ins.

The trend is the sole reason Ward six City Council member and Tucson Vice Mayor, Steve Kozachik organized the town hall type meeting.

During the meeting, people voiced their concerns, posed questions and took issue with TPD response times -- something Capt. Jim McShea admits needs improvement.

"Our response time for lower level calls is not to my satisfaction," Capt. McShea said.

Kozachik says without a doubt, the responsibility falls on the Mayor and Council, "What people need to understand is that TPD is doing the best they can with the resources they have."

Resources? It all comes down to dollars and cents. Nine on your side's Cory Marshall asked Kozachik," What the priority is in moving city money so TPD has the needed resources?"

"Well it's a balancing act and it comes down to the Mayor and Council prioritizing what matters the most," Kozachik told 9OYS.

Kozachik says what matters the most is public safety.

Part of public safety is being proactive, Tucson police suggest :

- If you have a garage, put a deadbolt on the door leading from the garage to the house.

- If you park your car outside, don't leave the garage door opener in the car.

- Stay alert. Be a neighborhood watchdog.

Vice Mayor Kozachik also told 9OYS, TPD needs not only the proper resources to hire the right people but also the appropriate pay, so those added officers have the salary incentive to stay in Tucson.