Glendale officials approve Coyotes arena deal

Glendale officials approve Coyotes arena deal

CREATED Nov 28, 2012

Web Producer: Mekita Rivas

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) - Glendale officials have approved a $320 million deal to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in the city's arena.

The City Council approved a 20-year, $324 million deal for Arena in June, but city leaders sought to renegotiate it. The proposal approved Tuesday night would help Glendale because it would reduce payments in the early years of the 20-year deal and save the city $4 million.

City Council members debated the proposed arena-management agreement with potential Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison and whether the city can afford the agreement.

The deal requires Glendale to cut $17 million from the general fund. That means trimming dozens of positions within city government over the next five years.

The council approved the deal on a 4-2 vote.

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