Search for missing Oro Valley woman is suspended

Brenden Lawless says his mother was distraught over the sudden tragic death of her husband, Norman Rennspies.

Search for missing Oro Valley woman is suspended

CREATED Nov 26, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- The search is suspended for an Oro Valley woman -- missing since Wednesday.

51 year-old Janet Rennspies disappeared after taking a trip up Mount Lemmon. Her family found her car in the parking lot of the Observatory on Thanskgiving. Now that the search has been suspended, the family and police are hoping the community can help.

"It seemed like she wanted to go someplace to be alone," said Janet Rennspies' son,  Brenden Lawless, tells KGUN9 that his mother had been distraught -- grieving over the sudden tragic death of her husband, Norman Rennspies, less than 2 weeks ago. Brenden believes that was why his mother headed to a special spot near the Mount Lemmon Observatory.

"It's a place she always went. There's actually pictures of her and Norm, her husband, up there.  The same spot she always like to go to. It's more of a place of peace for her."

The same place search and rescue crews scoured -- hoping to find her safe. But after three days,  they were no closer to finding Janet, so they suspended the search.

Oro Valley Police Department PIO Lt. Kara Riley said, "There's no more leads. They searched the area thoroughly. They haven't located her, or any signs of her for any clues to continue to search the area."

KGUN 9 reporter Valerie Cavazos asked Brenden how he felt about that. "It sucks. Because I feel like it's going to come out to either the family or the community to see something because they only have so many resources. They've done a fantastic job so far," said Brenden.

Faced with a deadend, the Oro Valley Police Department is now counting on the community to come forward with comments she might have made before she disappeared.

Cavazos asked Lt. Riley, "So this is important to understand what her mindset could have been."
Lt. Riley replied, "Sure. We want to know all the intricate details because these types of situations are very complicated and resource demanding."

But for Brenden, he simply breaks it down to this -- "I'm just assuming she is lost," he said. And he hopes for that call to hear she's safe.

Family members tell KGUN9  they found her purse with her credit cards in her car. It was unlocked. The keys were gone. They said she took water and food. The found food in the car, but the water was gone.

The Oro Valley Police Department is asking anyone with information to call them, 9-1-1, or 88-crime.

Police say they do not have any information that would indicate foul play. Lt. Riley said an investigation into the husband's death is ongoing.