The Salvation Army seeks more turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner

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The Salvation Army seeks more turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner

CREATED Nov 12, 2012

Reporter: Alexis Fernandez

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Although Thanksgiving is more than a week away, preparations are already underway to help make The Salvation Army's annual dinner come together.

"I feel like we could all chip in a little something for people that don't have anything," said Barbara Case, who donated a turkey today.

Throughout the day, members of the community have been chipping in by donating turkeys.

"I'm blessed and it is a really tough time right now...wanted to make sure everyone gets some kind of Thanksgiving dinner," said Beth Grindell, another person who brought in a turkey.

Last year, The Salvation Army fed nearly 3,500 people at its Thanksgiving dinner.

This year, they expect more people to show up for a warm meal. 

"More than just the homeless, it's for the people who are on fixed incomes, people who are on low income, families and individuals who find themselves for the first time in a need to where they can't afford things that are traditionally at Thanksgiving time," said Major Duke Markham, a spokesperson for The Salvation Army.

Their goal is to get more than 600 turkeys and other food to feed everyone who walks through their door.

"We are seeing a little of a slow down, usually by this time wee see a lot more turkeys, a lot more of fixings, but were starting to see more items come in more," he said.