Justice at the ballot box: Friends and family vote "Genna" over LaWall

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Justice at the ballot box: Friends and family vote "Genna" over LaWall

CREATED Oct 31, 2012

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A single vote can be powerful. A vote for Genna Ayup sends a message.

"I think it's pretty powerful," said Eileen Majeski. "We need to send a message to the city, to the county attorney's office that it's not acceptable. The explanations that they've given us are not acceptable. I'm not buying it at all."

Majeski is Genna's aunt. It was her idea to write-in her slain niece's name. She calls it a "slap in the face" to Barbara LaWall, a county attorney who she said is letting Genna's killer walk.

"If Barbara LaWall was doing her job, I wouldn't have a problem voting for her," Majeski said. "But I don't think she's doing her job."

What began as a lone idea in her kitchen has spread online to the Justice for Genna Facebook page where supporters are posting pictures of ballots with their votes for Genna.

"They're sending me copies of their ballots," she said. "It's pretty incredible. People are so supportive because they know how devastated we are over the loss of Genna."

Majeski knows this won't bring her niece back. She knows LaWall won't lose this election.

"But I'm hoping somebody will take note and do something," she said.

She says it's a symbolic vote that let's those in power know Genna won't be forgotten and the quest for justice and at least an explanation will continue.

"If you kill a human being, there's got to be some sort of punishment," she said. "He's never said he's sorry, yet he walks away."

9OYS reached out to County Attorney Barbara LaWall for comment, but calls were not returned.