13-year-old arrested after breaking into home and kicking woman

13-year-old arrested after breaking into home and kicking woman

CREATED Oct 31, 2012

Web Producer: Rikki Mitchell

FLORENCE, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - A 13-year-old boy was arrested Tuesday for breaking into a home and assaulting the woman who lived there.

Tim Gaffney with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office tells KGUN9 that Tyrell Hursey was already on probation for burglary and was wearing an ankle bracelet when he broke into a home Tuesday.

Deputies were called to the house in the 5600 block of East Oasis Court after the woman who lived there reported hearing a noise downstairs while she and her husband were sleeping.

The wife was confronted by Hursey who had her purse. When she told him to give it back, he kicked her in the stomach and ran.

The husband ran after the boy and saw him go into a house in the 24000 block of North Oasis Boulevard.

Deputies went to that house and spoke to a woman who said Hursey was her grandson.

The husband immediately recognized Hursey as the boy who broke into their house and deputies arrested him.

He admitted to deputies that he had snuck out of his house and broke into the other home.

He told deputies that the reason he did it was "to steal stuff" so he could "sell it and make money."

He also said that he has broken into other homes and he currently has a case pending for a burglary involving a firearm.

He was booked into juvenile detention for armed robbery, theft, burglary and assault.