Tucson native saves lives in wake of hurricane

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Tucson native saves lives in wake of hurricane

CREATED Oct 30, 2012

Reporter: Aaron Brackett

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Despite spending most of his life far away from water, Tucson native Daniel Todd took to the sky to serve his country years ago, and Monday he helped save 14 lives in a dramatic hurricane rescue.

caught on camera a dramatic rescue played out 90 miles off Cape Hatteras. Passengers of the HMS Bounty fought to stay above the ravaging seas as 18 foot waves and 60 mph winds battered the Coast Guard rescuers. 

The man that rode the cable from the helicopter down to the ravaging waves - 27 year old, Tucson native Daniel Todd.

His mother, Patti Todd contacted Nine On Your Side to tell us about her brave son. She says from the minute he touched water in high school, she knew he was born to save lives.

"He was born and raised [in Tucson], he went to Cholla High School, he swam for the Cholla team and also swam for U of A on a year-round team. When he graduated, he worked for Hillenbrand pool and became an assistant coach for the Ford Aquatic Team, and in 2006, he joined the Coast Guard," said Patti Todd.

Todd says his son maintains a strong connection to Tucson and his family still living in the city. Even though he is far away, his mother couldn't be more proud.

"You can't be any more proud than his dad and I are," explained Todd. "He loves his job and is very humble. If you ask him, he didn't save anybody, he'll tell you that his crew did."

According to his mother, he has no plans to leave the Coast Guard.