After presidential candidates tied into it, KGUN9 viewers did the same

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After presidential candidates tied into it, KGUN9 viewers did the same

CREATED Oct 16, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 17, 2012

Reporter: Alexis Fernandez
with notes and commentary by Forrest Carr, KGUN9 News Director

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Immigration, Operation Fast and Furious and jobs:  those are some of the issues Nine On Your Side Viewers said they wanted to hear both candidates address during Tuesday's second presidential debate.

Both Governor Romney and President Obama shared their views on what they would do with productive undocumented immigrants.  Both agreed they should have a path to citizenship. 

Governor Romney said he would not give them a driver's license or grant them amnesty.

"We should give visas to people who graduate with skills that we need, people around the world with accredited degrees in science and math... get a green card stapled to their diploma," Romney said.

President Obama said the focus is on the wrong group of people.

"If we are going to go after folks that are here illegally, we need to go after those who are criminals, gang bangers, people that are hurting the community," President Obama said. "Not after students, not after people that are here trying to figure out how to feed their families."

Another big issue brought up was taxes. The president said the top earning Americans need to pay a little bit more.
"I want to give middle class families who are striving to get in the middle class some relief because they have been hit hard over the last decade," he said.

Romney promised that rates will stay the same for the top taxpayers.

"The top five percent of the tax payers will continue to make up 60 percent of the income tax the nation collects, stay the same, middle income people are going to get a tax break," Romney said. 

On the subject of the botched "Fast and Furious" investigation, Romney called the incident a great failure and accused the president of having used executive privilege to keep all the information from coming out.  The president did not respond.

Tuesday night's debate was much more fiesty than the candidates' first face off. The word "fireworks" can also be used to describe the reaction of KGUN9 viewers, who posted hundreds of comments on KGUN9's Facebook page.  Most of those comments were in response to a question asking viewers who they thought won.  Some samples: 

Thomas Palomares:  "I'm having a hard time believing anything the president said. The last four years contradict much he said. I think this country needs a new leader. Romney won!"


Christine Kaiser:  "Romney.  Obama was very desperate inspite having a lapdog as moderator who continously liked his face during the debate."

Sandy Duke:  "Romney, the President seems to think he can say whatever and we will all just buy into it!"

Malarkey Pattison:  "Romney! Obama sounded as confused as ever."

Mindy Elizabeth:  "Obama! Romney was annoying acting like a child trying to get the last word."

Jesus Alberto Leon:  "Obama!!! Romney will ruin us."

Liz Donahue:  "@Jesus, gee looks like you've done your research on that-NOT! Do you listen to the news? And not the liberal media! How could Romney who successfully balanced a budget in MA, built multi million dollar businesses (etc etc) possibly ruin our country? Obama IS ruining but I wouldn't expect you to know that b/c you have your blinders on!!!"

Ovalean Scott Cox:  "Mitt Romney won hands down,Obama is still telling lies as usual."

Matt Adamson:  "Obama gave 'Mittens' a full-blown beat down."

Benjamin Albert:  "Did any of you watch the debate!!!! Obama clearly CLEARLY won this debate."

Christine Kaise:  "@ Benjamin, yes and we can think too so it was easy to figure out the malarkey comming out of the president's mouth."

Tina Puzino:  "If I had hired someone at my employment for a 4 year term to fulfill promises that were made to me during the interview and those promises were not kept. I sure as hell wouldn't keep them another 4 year term. So why do you Obama crazies allow him to continue to deliver unkept promises??"

Shiden Nakajima:  "Unfortunately, I can't imagine giving Romney a win on anything until he explains how he's going to make his tax plan revenue neutral. We can see that he's saying that he wants a 20% tax cut, but both he and Ryan have refused to give any details about how they're going to make it up. No plan, no vote."

Jeannie Gauthier-Munson: "Romney! Obama us a liar!"

Chris N Gabe Montaño:  "Thanks for deleting my comment! Lol. Here it is AGAIN.  Romney failed to provide further specifics of his tax policy, even when one audience member asked about unspecified deductions and loopholes the he says he will eliminate."

Kim Laczny:  "Obama- no doubt about it! Romeny offended a lot of people this evening and he failed to anwer several key questions. His reponse to the question on equal pay for equal work was absolutely ridiculous! He discussed random facts like how he used to allow women who worked for him to go home early so that they could take care of their families and cook dinner. How does that have anything to do with the equal pay question??? I would also like to add that it angers me when people believe that it's still a woman's job to do these duties even when she is working full time."

Jason Edward Lee:  "Romney! Obama is a cover-up artist and lied about Libya to millions of Americans tonight!!! Blatantly bald-faced lied to us!!!! Romney crushed him on Obamas failed record, job stifling policies and regulation, and Obamas ideal if trickle-down government being the salvation of the people!!! America cant afford four more years of Obama policies. Romney accurately and promptly spoke to Obamas failure and Romney's vision of a strong and viable middle class!"

Jack Loudermilk:  "From reading the comments here, it's obvious most people are biased toward the candidate they want to win."

Finally -- prior to the broadcast, KGUN9 News pointed out that the debate rules, if followed, would sharply curtail audience participation in the so-called "Town Hall" event.  As it turned out, producers did indeed follow those rules.  That is why, after each question, viewers at home never heard from the questioner again or even saw a shot of the questioner's face reacting to the candidates' answers, except in very wide shots.  The debate rules specificaly barred any and all close-ups or "cut-away" shots of questioners reacting to the answers.  This fact was not lost on one KGUN9 viewer, who posted this comment and story link:

Cassie McSasserson:  "It was not a debate!"

The rules also barred the moderator from asking follow-up questions.  But before the event, Candy Crowley indicated she might ingnore that rule, and she did.

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