Family of Tombstone teen: "Mistakes are made, but they are corrected in most cases."

Family of Tombstone teen: "Mistakes are made, but they are corrected in most cases."

CREATED Oct 13, 2012

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TOMBSTONE, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - One week ago today, the lives of 15-year-old Cameron King's family changed forever. Saturday, the family buried the teen inside Tombstone Cemetery.

The 15-year-old was shot by a Deputy Marshal six times after reports of a home break-in. Law enforcement officials say King was armed inside the home.

Amidst the mourning, the family has a message.

"We're angry, we're upset, we're disappointed. We have to deal with the loss of Cameron. But what we have to remember is that the officer has to deal with what has happened as well.  We cant ostracize them and we can't lay blame," Cameron's cousin, Nancy Sosa said.

She says it's what her cousin would have wanted.

"All of our children grow up together, including the children of the officer involved and we can't forget to think about them and what they're going through," Sosa said.

In Tombstone tradition, family and friends picked up nearby shovels, burying the teen's casket. Family members dug the grave themselves earlier in the week.

Cameron's uncle, Thomas King,  took part in the burial, "I wish that we could all say that he was a straight-A student. I wish we could all say that he was an outstanding kid. But the word kid should say it all."

The family admits the teen made a mistake--A mistake they hope others can learn from.

"Mistakes are made but they are corrected, in most cases. This time it just didn't happen," Cameron's uncle continued.

Meantime, the King family is asking for answers--It's something they hope will provide them closure.

"We're all pretty distraught over this. Everybody wants to know if there was another way it could have been handled," King said.

9OYS reached out to the Cochise County Sheriff's Office for an update on the investigation but they were unavailable to return our calls or emails.