3-3 Arizona Wildcats with a bye week

3-3 Arizona Wildcats with a bye week

CREATED Oct 9, 2012

Reporter: Jason Barr; Sports Director

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) The Arizona football team completed practice at Kindall Field/Sancet Stadium on Tuesday afternoon. The Wildcats have a bye week before hosting Washington.

Below is a brief transcript of head coach Rich Rodriguez’s comments following practice.

On this week’s practice schedule: “Today was probably the hardest practice -- we went a good two hours today in full pads. Tomorrow we won’t go as long and Thursday we will go in the morning for probably an hour and 15 or 20 minutes. So it was hard today, relatively hard tomorrow, relatively easy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday off and then we will have a light practice on Sunday.”

On the challenges of getting better when not at full strength: “There is a challenge to that – when guys aren’t practicing, they aren’t getting better. Unfortunately, that is why we can’t add too much at practice. There is a tendency for the guys that aren’t playing much that get thrust into action, to not be in as good of shape since they weren’t playing. So we have to get those guys up to speed and in better shape. If you miss a game particularly with as many plays we are playing, you are missing a lot of conditioning, so those backups need to get in better shape.” 

On the play of Johnny Jackson: “I don’t think we started with that four receiver set but if we had, he would have been the starter. We consider him a starter now and he has earned what we consider a starting role. We probably should have played him more earlier because he had shown some things in practice. He showed a burst in practice, so I said we have to give him more of an opportunity and he has made the most of it.” \

On keeping the team focused in practice during the bye week: “I don’t think it’s is too bad just because of the way we approach every practice and the importance of it. I thought today was average but we have had some average practices during game weeks too. I am trying to push them pretty hard and emphasize the importance of getting better every day.”

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