"God bless this hero" -- KGUN9 viewers speak out on Ivie murder

"God bless this hero" -- KGUN9 viewers speak out on Ivie murder

CREATED Oct 3, 2012

Notes and commentary by Forrest Carr, KGUN9 News Director

It took elected officials and their rivals about zero point five seconds to begin politicizing the murder of Border Patrol agent Nick Ivie. Many KGUN9 viewers have also taken the time to place the tragedy into a political context, to put it mildly. But many others have directed their thoughts and prayers specifically to the family. 

Here is a sample of the responses many of you have shared, via Facebook:

Ana Bernal: "Prayers go out to family it's so sad to hear what happened today. I'd ask why the news are making Naco sound like a bad place. I grew up in Naco and live in Bisbee I love it here its so calm and rare to hear things like this. Just because we are a border town doesn't mean it's a bad place to live here. But will keep this hero and his family in my prayers."

Selina Valdez: "I think people need to put aside their political ideals for five minutes and think about his wife and children who will have to face living life without him. This is just so heartbreaking."

Daniel Forester: "God Bless this American Hero's family."

Brian Huckaby: "As long as the shooters plan to vote Democrat they have nothing to worry about. And why does everyone who comes here want to change America? Aren't they running away from a bad situation? Don't turn America into bad place you left behind. Embrace your new home or change your old one."

Terry Higuera: "Very sad about another loss of life. Those who are posting below me, this is about families who have lost a loved one. Shame on you for being so insensitive. Prayers and thoughts for the loved ones of these two Border Patrol agents.

Terry Nash: "Is the real solution to the border drug issue the final destination of the drugs themselves? Are American drug users the reason for the drugs coming across our southern border or are the drugs ultimately shipped out of the United States? I do thank God for the dedicated men and women who put the lives on the line to protect our country. Everyone who 'uses' illegal drugs are responsible for the deaths of the very people that work day and night to protect them."

Jack N. Huff Sr, Sierra Vista: "So very sad. Now tell Napolitano how much safer our borders are! Obama has no idea what dangers our men are exposed to. Mexico is not just exporting illegals but also their cartel war!"

Becky Gaines: "The only way we are going to climb out of the hole that Bush/Obama has dug for us is to pull together. We need immigration reform that works. Close the borders and let's fix it. The Rep and Dems have to work together and I think Romney can work with both parties. Obama won't and has never worked with the Republicans. He doesn't feel he has to. He barely works with Democrats."

Rafael Lopez: "There wouldn't be so many drug smugglers if there weren't so many drug consumers. The casual drug user has the blood of everyone who has been killed on both sides of the war on their hands. The casual drug users are the ones who fuel this war on drugs because of there demand for drugs."

Ken Hyslop: "How many agents, how many ranchers living on the border, how many fathers, sons, brothers have to die before Washington figures it out?"

Mary Ellen Valdez-Medeguari: "I am so sorry. I will be praying for the family."

Jose N Margie Portugal: "Thank you for your service. My family and I salute you."

Adeline Rhinehart: "May he rest in peace. My sincere condolences to his family and friends."

Kristen Carpenter: "God rest his soul! My prayers and condolences to the family."

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