Two-year-old boy walks out of Tucson child care

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Two-year-old boy walks out of Tucson child care

CREATED Sep 24, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep 25, 2012

Reporter: Aaron Brackett

Web Producer: Mekita Rivas

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Thousands of Tucson parents turn their children over to child care facilities every day, but do they really keep a watchful eye on your young ones? One mom is wondering how her two-year-old walked straight out of child care and into oncoming traffic.

"They were in the back playing on the playground, him and another boy escaped through the back and went through the alley," said mother Leticia Echeverria. "I don't know how much they walked, but I tried googling it and it was close to a mile."

Echeverria's two-year-old boy, Dominic, walked right out of the Mini-Skool Learning Center on Limberlost Drive last Thursday. According to Echeverria, her son was gone for more than hour. Within that hour, the boy was found, police were called and officers -- in turn -- called the boy's mom.

"Turns out when they got to the daycare, the daycare didn't even know the kids were missing until they showed up," Echeverria said. 

9OYS went to Mini-Skool to get some answers - but the children and staff quickly rushed inside, and 9OYS was left knocking on a locked front door.
Angel Hesseltine of Mini-Skool's corporate office in Phoenix wouldn't answer specific questions about the incident, but said they are working to fix the problem.

"We are being told the children are safe and we are grateful for the Tucson Police," Hesseltine said. "We are currently investigating the incident and have put changes in place to prevent this from occurring again."

Despite Hesseltine saying changes have been made at the child care, parent Barbie Koecheler says she didn't even hear about the lost child until 9OYS told her.

"I knew the head director for 15 years, so now I am going to have to ask why [it happened]," Koecheler said.