Teenager gives play-by-play of beatdown by corrections officers

Top row from left: Anthony Bonfiglio, Angel Castaneda, John Hyatt. Bottom row from left: Steven Haglund, Matthew Garcia.

Teenager gives play-by-play of beatdown by corrections officers

CREATED Sep 20, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep 21, 2012

Reporter: Tammy Vo

Web Producer: Rikki MitchellMekita Rivas

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - First there were five, now there are ten Pima County Corrections Officer's being investigated for a brutal bar beating early Wednesday morning outside of the Buffet on Ninth Avenue.

Corey Masterson, 17, spoke to KGUN 9 about how he and his father were beaten. His story is confirmed by police.

"I haven't slept or eaten," said Masterson, who lives by the bar.

He was jolted out of bed by screaming.

"It was two in the morning and I was in my socks and pajamas," Masterson said. He and his dad couldn't believe what they saw right outside their front door.

Police say that five off-duty corrections officers were in the Buffet, then went outside and clocked a guy from behind who was trying to get on his bike. Those officers have been identified as John Hyatt, 30, Matthew Garcia, 24, Anthony Bonfiglio, 25, Angel Castaneda, 23 and Steven Haglund, 26.

Police say that the officers then beat another guy until both of them dropped to the ground but the beating didn't stop, Masterson said. 

"His head (the victim's) was there in the street. They were kicking it like a soccer ball. He was down, just taking it," Masterson said,  who pleaded, along with his father, for the officers to stop.

They didn't know that they were next. Masterson's dad was knocked out cold.

"Then he hit me in the face, punched me in the mouth. I fell down. I got up and he hit me again," Masterson said.

Both he and his father have since learned that the men are corrections officers.

"Cops, really?" he said in disappointment.

Overnight, the five men went from officers of the law to accused felons. They were arrested and ironically taken to the very place they work -- jail -- and charged with felony assault charges.

Two officers, Angel Castaneda and Steve Haglund, have been fired.All of the others are on administrative leave.

Late Thursday, the Pima County Sheriff's Department announced that five more officers are under investigation, bringing the total to ten. The Sheriff calls what happened "shocking and reprehensible."

There could be more firings in the weeks to come.