SB-1070 argument continues

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SB-1070 argument continues

CREATED Sep 19, 2012

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -It’s been called the heart of the Arizona immigration law and still the most controversial component of SB-1070. As of Tuesday, what has been dubbed, the "papers please" provision can go back into effect.

"This has been going on 6,8,10 years and SB-1070 is just the most recent manifestation of that,” Representative Vic Williams told KGUN9.

The provision allows law enforcement to question the immigration status of people they suspect are in the country illegally, but with probable cause. Representative Williams says it has nothing to do with racial profiling. He says it’s about tackling illegal immigration in the state. Tucson City councilwoman, Regina Romero disagrees.

"It is inevitable. It's going to happen,” said Romero, who is calling for renewed opposition. Proponents say the argument is over. Still, the American Civil Liberties Union plans to continue challenging the law on "other constitutional grounds."

"That's what we have in front of us and we're going to deal with it and we will partner up with other community stakeholders to continue the fight,” said Romero.

Romero says there is a silver lining. She says since the provisions passage has taken time there has also been time for discussion within the community.

Rep. Williams says it’s simple, if SB-1070 was placed before him again he would vote for it.

"Since our federal government has failed to do anything substantial about illegal immigration. We want people to come to this country. We want people to be here to come and work but we want them to do it legally,” said Williams.