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Stopping Silence: A mother's mission to get people talking about suicide

Stopping Silence: A mother's mission to get people talking about suicide

CREATED Sep 16, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- A subject few families want to talk about, but one Oro Valley woman is sparking the discussion.

The topic is suicide.

Terry Dubay knows this subject first hand, having lost her teenaged daughter to suicide six months ago. Now she's trying to help prevent future tragedies.

Her personal mission is to get as many people to attend an upcoming walk to prevent suicide at Reid Park in October.  And she's hoping that walk could lead to more talk.
With tears in her eyes, Terry Dubay holds the last picture taken with her daughter, 18 year old Diane. She said she had a great day with her daughter. The snapshot was captured three days before Diane shot herself -- at home -- alone -- in her bedroom.

"I just thought this can't be real. Please dear God, don't let this be real. And then I thought maybe she'll be okay. And then I found out she wasn't going to be okay. And then I went into a coma I think, a functioning coma," she said.

Diane's suicide didn't sink in, she said, because she had no idea her daughter might have been depressed. "Sometimes there are indicators or you would say, 'Wow. that child is really upset." You know, got some depression. Not Diane. Diane was like doing so great. But you know, I didn't see it."

Like many others, she said she wasn't aware of the warning signs and psychological illnesses that may lead to suicide, such as ADHD, which her daughter was diagnosed with in first grade. "My goal is try to get the word out that if there are ways to help people to prevent them from doing this. That's my goal and that can help me in my healing."

A first step for Terry has been to talk about her daughter's death -- to help diminish the stigma of suicides. "If people don't talk about it nothing is going to change and even through the process of healing. I have friends who still can't talk about it that I've known for years."


So if you want to talk about it -- The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is holding the "Out of Darkness Community Walk" at Reid Park on Sunday, October 7th. You can register and donate at