Medical pot house discovered in Foothills: neighbors worry for their safety

Medical pot house discovered in Foothills: neighbors worry for their safety

By . CREATED Sep 14, 2012

Foothills renters grow medical marijuana in vacant house, worrying neighbors.

Reporter: Tammy Vo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - One Foothills neighborhood is facing a dilemma: they know there is a marijuana grow house in their midst and they did what you would expect -- they called law enforcement. When the deputies arrived, they said it was all legal thanks to the new medical marijuana law. But neighbors are still concerned, saying that it jeopardizes their safety.

Inside the home near River and Oracle, reports show that Pima County Sheriff's Deputies found several marijuana plants and growing materials. Turns out, it's perfectly legal because both people renting the home have medical marijuana cards, according to incident reports.

But here's the problem, one of the residents told deputies that he "casually" stays at the home and mostly goes there to grow pot and smoke out which is a violation of county rules which says, the medical marijuana growers have to live at the residence where they grow.  Even though the renters are accused of violating county code, it's the homeowner who will be cited Friday because he owns the home, even if he didn't had no idea that his renters were growing pot and not staying here.

KGUN 9 spoke with Diana Ossana, head of the Neighborhood Watch. "For you, does this have anything to do with you being for or against the issue in general?" asked KGUN 9 Reporter Tammy Vo.

"Not at all. What I'm for is obeying the law. That's what I'm for" she said. Ossana worries that a vacant pot house puts all the neighbor's safety at risk. "When someone isn't living in the house, not maintaining it, that's a recipe for disaster. You can have people breaking in and stealing things. That's something that no one wants in the neighborhood."

She and other residents make a point that it may be better if pot dispensaries are allowed to open. Right now, their future in Arizona is in limbo as it is tied up in court. Residents feel that open dispensaries may force fewer people to grow at home and lessen the worry of neighbors.