Tucson police inspect fleet for steering problems

Tucson police inspect fleet for steering problems

CREATED Sep 14, 2012

Web Producer: Mekita Rivas

TUCSON (AP) - Tucson police have started inspecting its fleet of Ford Crown Victorias after hearing reports of steering problems with the vehicles.

The reports stemmed from an issue a Maryland police department with their Crown Victorias.

Montgomery County Police reportedly discovered that a retaining ring in the steering column of the cars might come loose, potentially causing the steering to fail during operation of the vehicles.

Tucson police and the city of Tucson Fleet Services department began visually inspecting every Crown Victoria in its inventory Thursday.

The police officer union says at least six vehicles were found to be deficient and in need of repair.

Tucson police say the department expects to conduct a more thorough inspection in the coming weeks.

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