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TPD launches website to protect your kids from child predators

TPD launches website to protect your kids from child predators

CREATED Sep 13, 2012

Reporter: Steve Nuñez

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Parents listen up! Child predators be warned! Tucson Police have launched a new and improved website, "Offender Watch," to help you safeguard your kids from child molesters living next to you.

According to TPD, there are 1,200 convicted sex predators living within the city limits of Tucson.
"Offender Watch" is designed to give you even more detailed information about the predator including the age of the victim and how they were attacked.

Police Sgt. Doug Foster, head of the sex crimes unit, said each sex offender profile will also list unique physical features including scars and tattoos.
"I don't think to any of them this is a surprise," said Foster. "Just that they understand that they are still being held accountable."

Tucson Police hope you, as parents, will use "Offender Watch" to keep an eye on predators and to teach your kids about stranger danger.

"People with this history of offense, there are studies that show there's a risk to re-offend among that population," said Foster.

Still, 9 On Your Side wanted to know if police are still at a disadvantage when it comes to tracking down sex offenders who move but don't register.
"We're already finding that we're able to better track people who pop up on our radar," said Foster. "We share this information with 5,000 law enforcement agencies throughout the country."

To receive a flier in the mail or electronically by email, you can sign up on the police website, , to become a member.

The website will then automatically notify you when a child predator moves into your neighborhood.