Two arrested, charged with money laundering

Seized money pictured from the Aug. 28 traffic stop. Image by Photo courtesy Pinal County Sheriff's Office

Two arrested, charged with money laundering

CREATED Sep 6, 2012

Web Producer: Mekita Rivas

FLORENCE, Ariz. - A Pinal County Sheriff's office K-9 unit discovered more than $125,000 in cash during a traffic stop along Interstate 10, leading to two arrests and charges of money laundering. 

The driver, Anthony Oyola, 24, and his passenger, Crystal Rincon, 18, gave the deputy conflicting stories when asked separately where they were coming from. 

While searching the vehicle, the K-9 deputy noticed a concealed plastic bag under the back seat of the car. 

The K-9 unit, trained to detect narcotics and currency, was deployed. The back seat was pulled upright, which exposed six plastic bags of U.S. currency. The total amount seized was $125,400 in addition to recently purchased items worth more than $1,000. 

"Since July 4, 2012, PCSO patrol deputies have seized over $325,000 in criminal cash," Sheriff Babeau said in a news release. "We shall continue to confiscate their drugs, cash and auction off their cars. We will take this money and put it back into the community through youth programs, women's shelters and purchase needed law enforcement equipment."