3 Month leeway in streetcar construction pays off

Tucson's trolley project will be 4 miles long and take a year to build, but local businesses are worried about financial bumps along the way.

3 Month leeway in streetcar construction pays off

CREATED Aug 30, 2012

Reporter: Corinne Hautala

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – Construction in Tucson on the modern streetcar is right on schedule, but miles away in Oregon, the company building the actual cars is not.

Tucson officials tell 9OYS the company building the cars, which is based in Oregon, is three months behind schedule.  The company, United Streetcar, is currently working on building the cars for Portland and Tucson is next on the list.

Shellie Ginn with Tucson’s Transportation Administration said the city planned for such a delay.

“We really have float built in there just for these types of contingencies,” she explained.  “So we knew that there would be a chance somewhere either with construction or the vehicles that we would probably need to use that float up.”

The float or pad added to the project is three months.  Meaning, right now, with the current delay from United Streetcar, Tucson is still on track for the streetcar to start running in Oct. 2013.

However, if there is another delay with either the vehicles or the construction downtown, then the project will be pushed back.

“If there is a delay we're going to figure our mitigation for that,” said Ginn.

The cars are set to be delivered in January.