Congressman Grijalva says "Enough"

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Congressman Grijalva says "Enough"

CREATED Aug 25, 2012

Congressman Raúl Grijalva says his opponent has gone too far in playing dirty politics.

Reporter: Tammy Vo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Just days before the primary election, one candidate is pretty ticked off at his opponent saying that she's gone too far in playing dirty. Congressman Raúl Grijalva is speaking out about some negative ads that have been printed about his campaign. He says that those ads are tied to his opponent, State Senator Amanda Aguirre. Both are running for the new US Congressional District 3.

What's really suspicious, says Grijalva, is that an ad supporting Aguirre was paid for by "The Opportunity For All Committee". The Congressman says that his team has launched an investigation and has discovered that the committee is being led by a republican who used to work for Senator John McCain and it's address is tied to an empty lot in Texas. Congressman Grijalva believes this is a "hit piece" by his democratic opponent who he calls "a surrogate for the republican party".

"Our allegation at this point, this is really dirty. This is crass. This is beneath the level of discussion and dialogue we should be having in an election as important as this. It's a republican operation sticking its nose in the democratic primary using underhanded tactics and misinformation" said Grijalva.  He also believes that Aguirre's alleged ties to the committee violate federal election standards and he plans on filing a complaint after the election if his suspicions are confirmed.

On Saturday night, Sen. Aguirre told KGUN 9 "This is the first time I've heard of the committee. I haven't looked at the flier yet. I don't know who this committee is. He's wrong in accusing me of having anything to do with something like this."