Despite damage Huachuca City School re-opens Thursday

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Despite damage Huachuca City School re-opens Thursday

CREATED Aug 8, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith
Web Producer: Rikki Mitchell

HUACHUCA CITY, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Storm damage meant a day off for students at Huachuca City School today, but it'll be school as usual Thursday.

Wednesday night's heavy rains and frightening lightning rolled through the area but this was tame compared to how rough the weather played the night before.

"The wind and stuff like that was tearing up our tree," says Glenn Kniffen, a resident of Huachuca City. "It was almost on our power line, almost knocking it down."

"You could hear a bunch of tin flying around so I pretty much stayed inside until it calmed down and I saw what it did out here," says Daniel Rossini, who also lives in Huachuca City.    

Some of the clatter may have come from Huachuca City School. The storm gave one building roof damage bad enough allow loads of water damage inside.

That forced the school to close for the day so emergency crews could save the building from more damage, while teachers hustled to salvage books and supplies.

By early evening the principal was able to show school board members a plan to shift classes from the damaged building into other parts of the school. 

Principal Tom Yarborough says the types of classes sharing space should avoid tightly packed classrooms and help the school be almost business as usual.

"I would like the parents to talk to their kids and say, 'hey, tomorrow is just going to be another day. You may not be in the classroom you're used to being in but you're going to have your teacher,'" he says.

"Everything else is going to look the same you're just going to be in a different place," Yarborough says. "You're going to your class at the same time and everybody is going to be at Huachuca City School just like normal so nothing to be afraid of."

Because they were not able to salvage all the books and equipment, students and teachers will have to share for awhile. The principal says suppliers have promised to rush replacements that may arrive in two weeks or even sooner.

Repairs to the roof and other parts of the school could take about a month.