Arizona Football Back at practice on Monday night

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Arizona Football Back at practice on Monday night

CREATED Aug 6, 2012

Reporter: Jason Barr, Sports Director

TUCSON (Arizona Athletics) After spending Sunday away from the practice field, the Arizona football team returned to Kindall Field/Sancet Stadium on Monday evening for a two-hour practice in shells for the second time.

The Wildcats will go back to shorts and helmets tomorrow before leaving for Fort Huachuca on Wednesday afternoon.  

“It was about the same as yesterday where there are moments we get frustrated as players and coaches and there are moments I’m thinking they understand it,” head coach Rich Rodriguez said. “I think it’s probably a typical day for us and about where I thought we would be.”

The team got started by splitting into offensive and defensive groups for the third straight practice. Following the positional drills, they took part in the “board drill”, which is a drill that features two players going one-on-one on the line. It is a battle of who can knock the other person back off of the board.

After the “board drill”, the team worked on special teams with the field goal unit and punt team. Next the Wildcats worked on kick returns for the first time in camp. The evening was concluded by a short “skeleton drill” session and an approximately 40-minute controlled scrimmage with light contact.

“I think their intentions are really good so that’s the most important thing,” Rodriguez added. “They have had a positive attitude.”