Drive-thru rant at Chick Fil A costs local man his job

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Drive-thru rant at Chick Fil A costs local man his job

CREATED Aug 3, 2012

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The viral video of Adam Smith's Chick Fil A rant cost the local executive his job. His employer Vante fired him after the video surfaced on-line.

The video shows Smith pulling up to the drive-thru window at the Chick Fil A at El Con Mall for a free glass of water. He then berates the Chick Fil A employee for the company's stance on same-sex marriage.

"I don't know how you live with yourself and work here," he said.  "I don't understand it. This is a horrible corporation with horrible values."

The employee only identified as "Rachel" maintains her composure and professionalism throughout. She is noticeably uncomfortable with the exchange.

"I have to stay neutral on the subject," the worker says. "My personal beliefs won't be in the workplace."

The video was made during Wednesday's Chick Fil A Appreciation Day when thousands showed up to support the fast food giant. The majority of 9OYS viewers agree. Thousands from Tucson and across the country have spoken up for the worker. They praise her for her polite conduct.

"Why take it out on the poor employee working the drive-in?" asked one man.

"It was just mean," said another. "Just pointless."

"She went out of her way to be polite and had to take the abuse," said Jeff Bleeker. "I think it was uncalled for."

Several on-line fundraisers have been created to raise money to send "Rachel" on a vacation.

9OYS reporter Marcelino Benito reached out to Adam Smith. He declined a chance to interview Friday night.

Vante released a statement Thursday saying: "The actions of Mr. Smith do not reflect our corporate values in any manner. Vante is an equal opportunity company with a diverse workforce, which holds diverse opinions. We respect the right of our employees and all Americans to hold and express their personal opinions, however, we also expect our company officers to behave in a manner commensurate with their position and in a respectful fashion that conveys these values of civility with others."