Arpaio's profiling trial to resume Tuesday

Arpaio's profiling trial to resume Tuesday

CREATED Jul 31, 2012

Web Producer: Taylor Avey

PHOENIX (AP) - Lawyers who accuse Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office of racial profiling are expected to rest their case Tuesday at a trial aimed at settling allegations over whether the lawman's immigration patrols disproportionately single out Latinos.

Arpaio's attorneys are expected to present key elements of their case after the plaintiffs call their last two witnesses.

Testimony is expected to wrap up Wednesday or Thursday.

Arpaio's office is accused of pulling over some vehicles only to make immigration status checks.

The sheriff has repeatedly denied charges that his department discriminates against Latinos and says his deputies only make stops when they think a crime has been committed.

The plaintiffs aren't seeking money and instead want a declaration stating that Arpaio's office engages in discriminatory practices and an order requiring policy changes.

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