Rags to riches: The sucess story of Guero Canelo

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Rags to riches: The sucess story of Guero Canelo

CREATED Jul 30, 2012

Reporter: Chris Miracle

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - You have probably seen his smile somewhere around town. His name is Daniel Contreras also know as "Guero".

Some say Guero is the godfather of the Sonora hot dog. Guero shows what his hot dogs are made of . "Double sammy dog so a double frank fresh onions fresh tomato mayo mustard and jalapeno sauce yaya.

"I grew up eating hot dogs two hot dogs and a soda was my dinner every night in my home town".

It all started with a dream and this little cart eighteen years ago.  A memory stamped in Guero Canelo's memory.

Guero still has his original food cart with an important date on it. "10/23, four o' clock in the afternoon. I sold my first taco."

Guero was raised in poverty in Sonora, Mexico. At age thirteen he worked shining shoes and selling gum. Later in life Guero was a waiter that's when his dream started. "I had a dream I didn't know what it was i used to tell my customers one of these days your going to come to my restaurant without having a plan without having any money".

Through the years Guero's recipe has changed.

"I used to cook with the grill not outside with the charcoal now its way different."

The customers came. Enough for Guero to expand his business. Now Guero has three locations. 

One customer talks about the change in locations. "Its an outside restaurant inside a lot bigger than the trailer he had."

One customer claims, "Its the best Mexican food in town bar none what's your favorite the carne asada burrito its really good big portion."

I was honored by Guero himself making me the mucho carne asada burrito. Using the best quality meats and the freshest ingredients is Guero' s claim to fame and the price wont damage the pocket book either explains Guero.

"My quality and my prices are so low I make my own hot dog buns I make my own tortillas".

With more than 120 employees in Arizona alone, even more running his bakery's in Mexico and meat markets.

Guero's rags to riches story is truly inspirational.

His emotions are strong.  We asked Guero, "Not only you being successful but your providing for many families how does that make you feel?"

"It makes me feel good because I came from a poor family, never never quit, never quit even if you have to go to school and have to work hard hard hard every time.