Court documents shed light on night of Genna Ayup's death

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Court documents shed light on night of Genna Ayup's death

CREATED Jul 29, 2012

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It's been just over a month since Tucson Police say Ronald Corbin Jr. shot and killed his girlfriend, Genna Ayup. He claims it was all a tragic accident. Ayup's mother isn't buying it. 9OYS got a hold of new court documents that shed new light on the moments leading up to Genna's death. 9OYS reporter Marcelino Benito showed those documents to Genna's mother, Toni Solheid, to get her reaction.

Court documents show Corbin spent the last three hours before Genna's death at a bar. He consumed between three and four 23-ounce beers, according to court records.

"Consuming considerable amount of alcohol, how smart is that to be handling a gun," Solheid said. "The whole thing doesn't make sense to me."

In the documents, Corbin claims he installed a new grip on his handgun, before it accidentally went off. A bullet struck Genna in the head. She died shortly after.

"I wanted this to be an accident," Solheid said.

But now Genna's mother isn't so sure. She says she's learned her daughter's relationship with Corbin was unraveling.

"From people that I've talked to, I know things were bad, and she was going to leave," Solheid said. "It breaks my heart to think that this happened before she got a chance to leave and go on with her life."

A judge released Corbin after his arrest without bond.

"If that's what an arrest is, then that was a joke," Solheid said.

Corbin faces manslaughter charges, and he will get his day in court, but Solheid says in the meantime, it won't stop her or Genna's friends from speaking out.

"I don't want people to forget," she said. " Genna no longer has a voice, so we will stand up for Genna."

Genna's family is unhappy with the manslaughter charges. They are urging the County Attorney's Office to take a good look at the case and reconsider tougher charges.

Corbin is due back in court on August 23rd.

9OYS has also requested police reports and 911 calls from the night of Genna's death. 

Tucson Police have not yet released those materials.