One stop shopping for the kitchen and the bedroom

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One stop shopping for the kitchen and the bedroom

CREATED Jul 23, 2012

Before, you could only get it at an adult toy store. Not anymore, and it's causing quite a buzz.

Reporter: Tammy Vo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -The 21st Century, so far, has been a time of great change. Now, a new development on the retail scene is raising eyebrows. An item is now showing up in grocery and drug stores that you used to find only in adult stores. 

9 On Your Side headed to Walgreens on East Broadway to check it out. In the women's aisle, there were close to a dozen devices considered to be "pleasure massagers". How did this happen and who is buying this stuff?

"Sex sells" says Kate Graves. She throws private Passion Parties where women can explore a variety of products that are available to enhance their romantic lives.

"Do you think there's a certain level of embarrassment that comes from  women going into these stores and wanting to buy such a thing?" asked KGUN 9 Reporter Tammy Vo.

"Absolutely. They worry that people might see me or, what if my neighbor is there" answered Graves. She isn't so sure that most women will feel comfortable buying the devices in the store, and says that if women want the real deal, they've got to come to her. "You can pick one up for $13 to $200. It's all about the ride. For example, there's a Kia and there's a Mercedes Benz. They're both going to get you there, it's just a question of how much of a luxurious ride you want" said Graves who introduces women to different lotions, sprays and adult toys that she says will make a difference. Clearly, times have changed, and the sight of this stuff is no longer taboo.
"Everything all in one place. That's convenience. One stop shopping , that's right!" said Teresa Gallant who came to a recent Passion Party that Graves threw in Tucson at a friend's house. Among the twenty, or so women, many who say that they're more comfortable with their sexuality, deciding how they should be satisfied and when.
"Today I care less about what other people think. I'm open" said Kathy Rood.

What do the guys think of all this? "It's alright. If you know what you're doing you don't need it!" said Aramy Hardy, a barber at Al's Barber Shop in Tucson.

"It's more convenient" added John Bailey who made a point that women don't have to go to the adult toy store anymore. "If it makes the ladies happy, that's all that matters" he added. 

Al Longmire has another theory, saying "Maybe these guys are on their devices too much, on their phones and computers. Maybe they're not paying enough attention to the ladies."