Arpaio: Obama's birth record "undoubtedly fraudulent"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, along with lead investigator Mike Zullo to his right, shared their findings in a 90-minute media event

Arpaio: Obama's birth record "undoubtedly fraudulent"

CREATED Jul 17, 2012

Reporters: Craig Smith & Kevin Keen

PHOENIX (KGUN9-TV) - It's still a fake. That's what Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said about President Barack Obama's birth certificate, supplied by the White House.

The Republican sheriff told a reporters Tuesday: "We wanted to clear the President of the United States. That was my mission, but it hasn't happened that way."

Arpaio promised major revelations in his investigation into the president's birth certificate. He outlined those revelations--but for as how major they are, we will let you decide.

Was President Barack Obama born in Hawaii in 1960? Or, somewhere else--somewhere that would disqualify him to be president--a foreign country, like his father's birthplace in Kenya?

That's the birther theory. 

Even politicians eager to attack the president are not embracing birther-ism.

But Sheriff Joe Arpaio still wants to check it out. Tuesday, his investigators said what they found in Hawaii shows shady shenanigans around the president's electronic birth certificate.

The sheriff told reporters: "We are not accusing the president of any crime. We are strictly investigating a possible government forged document and that's the way we're still going with this. We're talking about a document."

Sheriff's cold case investigator Mike Zullo said someone committed a crime by forging what's been presented as the president's birth certificate, used to prove he was born in the U.S.  That's critical because the law says no president can be foreign born.

Zullo's declaring a forgery based on what he describes as inconsistencies in what's printed on the document, as well as qualities in the electronic version that are consistent with tampering--not changes you'd expect from simple scanning. Read the 30-page report Zullo referenced and the sheriff's office published online.

Zullo said, "This isn't us chasing down the president. Everybody wants to make it that. This document is fictitious."

Zullo and Arpaio were careful to say they're not accusing the president of a crime, but they insist someone found it in their interest to alter his birth certificate for some reason and they want to see a version they can have confidence in.

Arpaio said: "Show us the microfilm. I said it awhile back. Show us the microfilm and we'll all go back home and forget this."

The sheriff and his investigator raised another issue that goes far beyond the birth certificate. They found until 1982 Hawaii law would allow an adult resident to simply say a child was born in Hawaii and that was good enough to declare that child a native-born American, as long as the parent had lived in Hawaii for a year.

Arpaio said that makes any Hawaii birth certificate before 1982 worthless to prove citizenship.

Read more about the findings Arpaio and his team presented.

Now he wants a congressional investigation into the birth certificate and that Hawaii law and maybe a special prosecutor, too.

KGUN9 News reached out to local Republican and Democratic party leaders after the sheriff's announcement. The Pima County Republican Party did not respond to the interview request.

Jeff Rogers, head of the Pima County Democratic Party, said about the sheriff, “He's nuts. He's just absolutely nuts.”

Rogers said he didn’t need to review Arpaio findings to know they’re wrong and a waste of time and tax dollars.

“The rest of the nation is past this except for a few nutty conspiracy theorists,” Rogers told KGUN9. “Arpaio's getting to look nuttier by the moment. Maybe he's just cynical.”

Rogers added the timing of Apraio's announcement is "suspicious" because the sheriff goes to court Thursday in class action lawsuit against his department over possible racial profiling.

Arpaio said the investigation and findings are not a stunt and not politically motivated.