Too drunk to drive? Ask your phone

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Too drunk to drive? Ask your phone

CREATED Jul 16, 2012

There's an app for everything. Think you're too drunk to drive? There's an app for that too. But does it work?

Reporter: Tammy Vo

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -It's one of the toughest and most important decision drivers can make after a night of drinking: "Am I safe to drive?". Now, there's a new phone app called BreathalEyes that drivers may use to help make that decision. It's available for 99 cents and tracks eye movement through your phone's camera lens to tell you how drunk you are. But, does it work?

Robert Andrews, Co-Founder of BreathalEyes said  "It takes a series of pictures of your eye and tries to discern eye waggle in your eyes from left to right as you're looking at maximum deviation from side to side."

KGUN 9 put it to the test and met up with Austin Brown and Aaron Cowman who went out for drinks at Sir Veza's Taco Garage in Tucson. DPS Sgt. Frank Torres showed up to test the app against his field breathalyzer which isn't as accurate as a blood test, but it the results are pretty close.

"Just remember, if that app is wrong and says they're under a .08 and are really over an .08 and get caught, then there are consequences" said DPS Sgt. Frank Torres who had his doubts over whether the app would work. He's also concerned that it may cause people to drink more in order to test the app themselves.

9 On Your Side Reporter, Tammy Vo, tested both Aaron and Austin with the app first. Here are the results:
Aaron: .03

Austin: :05

Sgt. Torres then tested the two and came up with these results:

Aaron: .06

Austin: .06

In this scenario, the app's readings were lower than the breathalyzer's reading, possibly causing drinkers to think they've had less than what's actually true.

"So if you were to pull someone over and they were above the limit, and they said the app told them they weren't, is that going to hold any water with you?" asked Vo.
"Try telling that to the judge because it's not going to hold any water with me" answered Sgt. Torres.

BreathalEyes has a disclaimer that users must read stating that it's for entertainment, and that the company doesn't accept any legal responsibility.