Still Standing: Sue's Fish & Chips

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Still Standing: Sue's Fish & Chips

By . CREATED Jul 11, 2012

Videographer: Chris Miracle


TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -  Bread from scratch, the tastiest chili dogs in town, giant breakfast platters with biscuits and gravy to die for and some of the best fried food in town.  If you're not hungry yet, you might be soon.  Nine On Your Side takes you a tour of some of Southern Arizona's oldest restaurants still standing despite tough economies.  

Fourth Avenue in South Tucson was the restaurant row in Tucson's early days.  Amongst the many Mexican restaurants lies Sue's Fish and Chips.  Bill Best and his mother-in-law started frying in1952. Now Daryl Ruben owns this dining destination.

Daryl Ruben says, "They started it on a small trailer on the corner right on this lot this building wasn't even built at the time."

And simplicity is the secret ingredient.

Fry Cook Franciso says, "The fish and shrimp we bread it here.  It's basically from flower and baking soda we don't put any seasoning because that's the way they had it."

Daryl Ruben says, "We have people coming here that were coming here as young children five and six years old with their parents and then now they're bringing their children."

Sylvia Coronado says, "People like to come back to the memories some would say the hood.  They remember the old times.  They remember the family that's no longer here anymore."

Once lunchtime comes it doesn't take long for customers to come through the door.

Jay Valdez says, "The Fish and chips probably my favorite here, but everything is good.  I've tried the shrimp that's really exceptional.  Pretty much everything you can order here is great."

After 60 years of serving some of the best fish and chips in Tucson.  Sue's is not going anywhere.

Owner Daryl Ruben says he knows why, "Our snowbirds that come keep asking why don't you put one a little more north so we don't have to drive as far?"

You can find Sue's Fish and Chips at 2500 S. 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85713 (520) 622-5711.