Summer sizzle cooks tires

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Summer sizzle cooks tires

CREATED Jul 9, 2012

Reporter: Aaron Brackett

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Keeping your car in good condition is one of the best ways to stay safe but how do you maintain the only safety feature on the road, that actually touches the road? 9OYS asked the experts.

Northwest Fire Captain Adam Goldberg says a  blown tire while speeding down the highway can be fatal.

"When you have that tire blowout, trying to get control of that vehicle is when we often see them rolling over, and critical injuries because of speed, and unfortunately sometimes fatalities," said Goldberg

Mechanic Marcos Yepiz says he has seen far too many tires succom to poor maintenance.

"If it was in the back [of the vehicle], that can be a problem, because you don't have control of the back, explained Yapiz recent studies show if you have a blowout in the back, you have a fishtail effect to your car. you have to be a really good driver to control it or be really lucky>

Motorist Tony Diguardia says he almost crashed becayse of a blown tire several years ago.

"I'm all over my car, with the tire pressure," Diguardia said.

yapiz says the condition of the rubber is as important as the tire pressure.

"Its not even in the wear marks, but its got a lot of cracks," Yapiz said while showing a cracked tire. "Imagine this at 35, 40 pounds, expand those cracks, with the weight of the vehicle, the heat, and it's a safety issue for you and your family."