Computer virus warning

Computer virus warning

CREATED Jul 8, 2012

Web Producer: Stephani Ruiz, Laura Kittell

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Now may be a good time to check your computer.

The FBI says tens of thousands of people may lose their internet service-  because of a computer virus.

Your computer may be infected by hackers who figured out a way to redirect your internet searches to bogus websites for profit. Security experts say infected computer probably got the virus through e-mail attachments or clicking on infected links.

"You probably don't even know that you were infected," said Kevin Healy, Director of Norton Security Response. "Now the good news is the FBI has captured and shut down the bad guys behind all this , but the bad news is that your configuration settings may not have been changed back to the right thing."

Next week the FBI will shut down the servers used by the hackers. That means if your computer is infected and you don't take the steps to protect yourself- you could lose all access to the internet.

Both PC and Mac users could be affected.

It's actually pretty easy to check if your computer is in trouble, says Healy.

Go to this website. You'll have a big green screen come up if you're good. If you're bad there will be a red screen and it will tell you what to do to fix the problem.

For more information about the virus, you can visit the FBI's website.