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Cochise County homeowners prep for possible flooding

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Cochise County homeowners prep for possible flooding

CREATED Jul 7, 2012

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - First came the Monument Fire, then came the floods. It was a one-two punch that kept Cochise County homeowners on their toes.

"You kind of panic," Danny Etzwiler said. "It's a scary, scary feeling."

Etzwiler still remembers. He hasn't forgotten the flooding he witnessed one year ago. He saw fast moving water push closer and closer to his home. And he wasn't the only one dealing with rising water. Last summer, monsoon rains quickly turned into a real threat to homeowners in Miller Canyon.

"That's when we got the big flood," Etzwiler said. "You can still see where the water rose right there where the sandbags were."

This summer the sandbags are back outside homes in Cochise County. It's the only thing protecting these homes, should the floods return.

"We're going to keep them up and wait and see how this monsoon season is," he said.

So far the storms have not produced the same damage as last year. Still the county isn't take any chances. Cochise County officials set up several sandbag stations across southeastern Arizona. The county says it doesn't have the manpower to fill them up for you. So homeowners will have to fill them up on their own.

"You just come back, lay them down and go back and get more," Etzwiler said. "It's easy, the county really helped out a lot."

For a complete list of where you can pick up sandbags, click here.