Monsoon rain ends, clean up begins

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Monsoon rain ends, clean up begins

CREATED Jul 5, 2012

Reporter:  Jessica Chapin

TUCSON (KGUN9- TV) - Washes and roads are drying up, and county crews are cleaning up after Monsoon storms socked Tucson on July 4th. 

County crews were a welcome sight for Richard Figueroa, who usually shovels the mess himself.  His road covered in several inches of thick mud, the job required some heavier machinery.

"Yesterday was a disaster out here," he said, "working here about three years now and never seen so much water."

Neither had Sara Sacks, who has lived on the Northwest side for more than six years.

"It was just pouring off the roof in these giant sheets," she said, "The flood went all the way up to my back door."

She says water on the road ran three feet deep, carrying with it an array of objects.

"We saw a giant tree stump go down the street, all kinds of cactus go down the street," she said, "It was crazy, I've never seen it flood like that, ever."

With nearly three months left in Monsoon, it may be just the beginning.  Residents are urged to prepare for more by securing debris and items in their yard, and keeping in mind the dangers of washed out roads.