FC Tucson loses to first place Ventura County

FC Tucson loses to first place Ventura County

CREATED Jul 1, 2012

Spors Director: Jason Barr

TUCSON (FC Tucson)

FC Tucson was already facing a challenge when first-place Ventura County came to Tucson. But in its 2-0 loss, the team faced a second opponent: themselves.


“Right now we’re our own worst enemy,” said FC Tucson Head Coach Rick Schantz. “We’re making mistakes and that’s what a good team does: they punish you when you make mistakes.”


In the 34th minute, Ventura County’s Frankie Lopez chipped in a ball from right to left into the box. Fusion defender Mickey Daly streaked down the left side of the box unmarked, and after the ball bounced twice, Daly struck it into the back of the net before it landed a third time.


Daly reveled in the sudden quietness of the home crowd and even Tebowed in front of the booing masses.


Ventura County seemed to take control of the game from there, finishing the first half strong and with a 1-0 lead. But FC Tucson went back on the attack in the second half and very nearly equalized the game.


In the 65th minute Max Alvarez sent in a perfect cross right in front of the goalmouth. Conor Spence was there for what looked like a sure goal, but his header sailed up and over the crossbar. The opportunity to change the momentum of the game had come and gone.


“This has been our problem all season long,” Schantz said. “When we get chances we’re not putting them away at a high enough percentage rate”