Catastrophe Award teacher says she has not resigned.

The "Catastrophe Award" given to a 3rd grade student at Desert Springs Academy

Catastrophe Award teacher says she has not resigned.

CREATED Jun 29, 2012

Reporter: Guy Atchley

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -  She became known as the teacher who gave the "Catastrophe Award" to a third-grade student. The Tucson story went viral on the internet where the teacher was either lambasted or praised for what she had done.

Some, including the child's mother, considered the award cruel.

Others praised the teacher for holding the 8-year-old girl accountable for not doing her homework.

Desert Springs Academy eventually announced that the teacher at the heart of the controversy had resigned.

But now, one month after the story broke, a big surprise.

The teacher at the heart of the controversy, Gigi Plowman, says she has not resigned, and wants to see in writing why the school administrators want her out.

Plowman says, "Teachers are working from a base of fear, and that's what really bothers me, and that's why I stepped out.  It's not for myself."

In an exclusive interview with KGUN 9 On Your Side, Ms. Plowman is finally telling her side of the story.

Why has she waited so long?

What's her reaction to the student's mother calling the Catastrophe Award cruel?

What does she have to say to the administrators of Desert Springs Academy School who asked for her resignation?

You'll find out tonight on KGUN 9 On Your Side at 10:00.