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Survey: UFOs exist, and Americans pick Obama should aliens attack

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Survey: UFOs exist, and Americans pick Obama should aliens attack

CREATED Jun 27, 2012

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - It's a question that still baffles many sky gazers: what were those flashing lights caught on camera in Arizona over the years?

"There've been so many stories in the past, sometimes I think there has to be something," said Tucsonan Lael Mark.

A lot of 9OYS viewers have thought those flying, flashing lights were UFOs. KGUN 9 viewers are not alone. A new study by the National Geographic Channel finds 36 percent of Americans, approximately 80 million people believe UFOs exist.

"I think a lot of Americans believe a lot of things," said one Tucsonan.  "Now a days with all this media, they'll believe a lot."

The study finds just 17% of Americans don't believe UFOs exist and 48% aren't sure.

"You never know there are so many dimensions, Mark said.

"We certainly don't have proof one way or another," said another Tucsonan.

Arizona does have a history of sci-fi sightings in the sky. Many still remember the Phoenix Lights in 1997, a series of unidentified flying objects seen across the northern Arizona sky. But do UFOs really mean there's alien life out there? The survey suggests the public's answer is yes.

9OYS reporter Marcelino Benito put the survey's same questions to Tucsonans. "If you came across an alien, would you befriend it, run away, lock your doors, or fight back," Benito asked.

"I'd be friends with them, why not?" said one Tucsonan.

"I'd probably go hide and lock my doors," said Claudia Ruiz. "I wouldn't want to meet an alien to be honest."

"I'd fight back or be friendly, depending on the alien," said another Tucsonan.

"I'd walk away and leave it where it is," said another man.

This election year 65% of people surveyed by National Geographic believe President Obama could better handle an alien invasion compared to Mitt Romney. Benito put that same choice to Tucsonans.

"I don't think Obama would stand a chance," said one woman.

"Neither one," said another Tucsonan.

You can read the full survey here. Let us know what you think by commenting on this story or on our KGUN 9 Facebook Page.