9OYS Viewers' Voice: SB1070

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9OYS Viewers' Voice: SB1070

CREATED Jun 25, 2012

Reporter: Aaron Brackett

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - SB-1070 has been a big story for two years now, and debate is not dying down. Today's ruling has people talking.

Kevin Woelfel says he can see both sides of today's ruling. "I think the federal government showed wisdom in blocking the other four [parts of the law]," said Woelfel. "I think its reasonable though that if they think they are illegal, they can check their credentials."

Kathy Burgart, an immigrant herself, thinks the law is good. "We live in the land of opportunity, we live in America, so I don't think its profiling, its doing the job; holding people accountable where we have rules and laws," said Burgart. "We have these rules and laws, but nobody is being held accountable, so these people continue to get away with it ."

Our viewers took to the KGUN9 Facebook page as well

Kevin Smith said: "The part everyone was so up in arms about is the part that was upheld, which I think is hilarious! Unfortunately, because the rest was shot down, and we have a president that refuses to enforce federal laws, checking papers at the local level will do us almost no good."

Leo Gonzales disagreed with the ruling:  "SB 1070 is going to get shot down. I'm not for crossing the border illegally, but this bill effects all Mexicans and Americans of Mexican descent.

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