SB1070: Two border sheriffs, two opinions

SB1070: Two border sheriffs, two opinions

CREATED Jun 25, 2012

Why Sheriff Larry Dever supports SB 1070 and why Sheriff Tony Estrada doesn't.

Reporter: Tammy Vo

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY/COCHISE COUNTY, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever and Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada oversee hundreds of miles of crucial land at the border.
Faced with the same issues, you'd think they'd agree on today's big ruling.

Sheriff Dever's spokesperson didn't respond to KGUN 9's request for an interview with the Sheriff, but Dever said on his Facebook page:
"While this is not a total win, it is a partial victory for sheriffs, who are constitutional officers, and confirms we have the authority to inquire of the legal status of people we think are here illegally."

Sheriff Estrada thinks that the high court's ruling is going to be a problem for several reasons. First, because of legal issues involving accusations of racial profiling.

"I think it's a reality and danger of trying to enforce a federal law and when you're looking for a certain group of people, lets face it, you're in Arizona near the border -- you're looking for Hispanics.
That's almost your entire community here".

Estrada also believes that public safety will be at risk. When officers start questioning immigration, it will keep them and border agents who will have to respond from handling other calls. He also thinks that cities with less border patrol presence will have a problem because police will have to hold someone who they suspect is illegal until Border Patrol shows up which could take a long time and possibly tie up more resources.