The Oasis Sanctuary

The Oasis Sanctuary

CREATED Jun 3, 2012

Reporter: Guy Atchley

BENSON (KGUN9-TV) - Her name is Sybil Erden and when it comes to our feathered friends, she's always had a place not only in her heart, but also in her home. 

12 years ago, Erden founded the Oasis Sanctuary for exotic birds in Cascabel, north of Benson. And since then, it has grown rapidly.

Birds wind up at the Oasis for various reasons, including death or illness of the caregiver. Sometimes the birds are confiscated at the border, a few foundlings may have just flown the coup and were never claimed. And sometimes, they just don't look good to their owners.

Regardless of the reasons for the birds being at the Oasis, it takes a lot to keep the place running. And fortunately, bird lovers know this.

Donations have kept the Oasis live, but the down economy has taken a toll. The amount coming from donors has gone down, but the need persists.

The sanctuary is still adding aviaries for the birds yet to come. And they hope to add donations and volunteers as well.
You can actually see what's happening any time at the Oasis by going to their website and clicking on the web cam. There is also information about donating or volunteering to the sanctuary.