Women engineers trace tech gender gap to childhood

Women engineers trace tech gender gap to childhood

CREATED Jun 3, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 3, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Silicon Valley companies portray themselves as inventors of the future, but they're afflicted by a longstanding problem.

From board rooms to "brogrammers," men still dominate many corners of the tech industry, where the pantheon of famous founders from Hewlett and Packard to Jobs to Zuckerberg is still a boys' bastion.

The gender-imbalance issue came to the forefront again recently when a partner at the country's most prominent venture capital firm filed a sexual harassment lawsuit alleging a former colleague retaliated against her for years after she cut off a brief relationship with him.

The firm, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, has denied the allegations.

Whatever the merits of the claim, the suit again has put a spotlight on the tech industry's gender gap.