Tucson Water rates on the rise this summer

Tucson Water rates on the rise this summer

CREATED May 29, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) --  Starting July 2nd -- using and consuming water will be more expensive this summer. But how much more? Tucson Water Spokesman Fernando Molina crunched the new numbers for us.

Molina said, "The majority of our customers will not be seeing a large difference at at all." So the average Tucson Water customer will expect to pay this much more a month: "Probably  about a $2 dollar or $2.50 increase in their water bill."

Residents who use more water could see their bills rise anywhere from $19 to $47. "When we go through this process we always try to make sure that those customers who are trying hard to be efficient in how they're using water -- not wasting water -- we try to make sure they don't get penalized in changes in rates," said Molina.

If residential customers need help paying that next bill, Tucson Water has a few options. "We're more than happy to work out a payment plan. We also have policies in place to offer adjustments so customers can ask about that," said Molina.

Commercial customers will also see a higher rate hike -- about 6 percent. "Apartment complexes -- anybody manufacturing something. That's another increase in costs that they'll have to pass on at some point," he said.

The new higher rates are now set, but don't expect to get much sympathy from folks in other similar sized states. According to Molina," Our service charges, I think, with this change we might be average or somewhere a little below average."

Tucson water customers aren't the only ones who might have to dig deeper into their wallets. Rates will increase for some restaurants too. So even if you're not a Tucson Water customer, you might begin to see a higher restaurant bill when those costs are passed down.