Filming in Bisbee cemetery upsets officials

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Filming in Bisbee cemetery upsets officials

CREATED May 29, 2012

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BISBEE, Ariz. (AP) - A recent filming inside a historic Bisbee cemetery has upset city officials.
The Sierra Vista Herald reports City Councilwoman Luche Giacomino said Tuesday the Evergreen Cemetery, where some of her relatives are buried, should not be treated like a studio lot.
The Bisbee Public Works Department says they were told the Bloody Border Film company was only going to photograph the cemetery and possibly take some video.
Public works manager Andy Haratyk says he monitored the production to make sure it was respectful.
Giacomino says she saw actors with makeup and blood. The councilwoman says she doesn't want to see anything like that along with the filming of headstones.
City officials are looking into creating an ordinance outlining what kinds of permits the public works department can approve.
Information from: Sierra Vista Herald,

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