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Police report: 'apparent blood on floor' of Isabel's room'

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Police report: 'apparent blood on floor' of Isabel's room'

CREATED May 25, 2012

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – More startling details from the hundreds of documents Tucson Police released Thursday on the Isabel Celis investigation, shedding new light on a case that has gripped the community for more than a month. Many of the details are startling, including possible blood stains, inside family home.

For Tucson Police, searching for Isabel has proven to be a massive undertaking, and these reports show just how much information has flooded detectives. They paid special attention to the Celis home the day after Isabel vanished, taking countless pictures – including “apparent blood on the floor” of Isabel’s bedroom. They also collected for evidence a white hat and vinyl shower curtain with “dark red-brown or brown stains.”

Chief Roberto Villaseñor told KGUN9 News Friday morning that all the evidence has to be logged propertly.

“You have to take out the bits and pieces of those reports, categorize them and put them in a database so they’re retrievable because a report 10 days later may refer to something that came in on a previous report,” Villaseñor explained.

Detectives also gathered evidence from around the home, including shoeprints on an electrical box on the southeast corner and three matching prints in the dirt 5 feet away. And of course, different accounts about what happened the night Isabel disappeared.

“There’s conflicting reports. You have neighbors who say they hear dogs going crazy. You have family members who say they didn’t hear anything, so you have both sides of the spectrum,” Villaseñor said.

Also from all sides of the spectrum: People who claim they know what happened. A man approached police claming he knows Sergio Celis well, and according to what the reported noted, he said: “Something didn’t seem right about what was going on and alluded he believed the father was involved in some way.”

In another report, someone stated they remember a person saying: “A guy staying with the family owed someone a lot of money and that’s why [Isabel] was taken.” Finally, in another report, two drunk men said they knew where Isabel was, but recanted after they sobered up.

“That kind of thing happens for notorioius-type events. For some reason – and I’m not a psychologist and I can’t tell you why – but some people want to feel connected,” Villaseñor said. “They want to feel like they were part of it, they want to get people to think that they were involved in the case.”

And police collected evidence around Tucson, including blankets from Interstate 10 and in a wash, and a pair of a child’s sandals in a garbage can at Highland Park. Villaseñor said there’s no indication that they’re Isabel’s shoes.

Police also went to the workplace of Sergio Celis, a dental surgery office, and doctors there told Police he was a model employee. They also mentioned there is no reason to suspect he had drug problems or money problems, and that he’s a good husband. They also mentioned there is no reason to suspect he had drug problems or money problems, and that he’s a good husband and father.