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Ozone watch, high pollution advisory for Phoenix

Ozone watch, high pollution advisory for Phoenix

CREATED May 19, 2012

Web Producer: Marissa Pasquet

PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) -  The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has issued an ozone health watch for Saturday and an ozone high pollution advisory for Sunday in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

ADEQ officials say ozone concentrations are expected to increase throughout the weekend. Meteorological conditions will move ozone from Southern California into the Phoenix metro area coupled with bright sunshine, temperatures in excess of 100 degrees and light winds on Sunday.

Smoke from continuing wild fires across the state will only hurt the air quality.

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department will enforce its mandatory "No Burn Day" restrictions on Sunday. The restriction includes individuals and businesses that have burn permits for open burning.

Ground level ozone is formed by a chemical reaction that needs heat from sunlight, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds to form. The Phoenix metro area's ozone season is from April through September.

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