Walking with candles, hoping to light the way home for Isa

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Walking with candles, hoping to light the way home for Isa

CREATED May 18, 2012

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Much of the attention this past week has been on Isabel Celis' parents and their past involvement with Child Protective Services. But those attending Friday night’s candlelight walk hoped to put it back where they feel it really matters: on the missing six year old.

For the little girl who lights up their lives, they walked together for three miles on Tucson’s east side holding candles.

“They give a little light. It gives me hope,” Brielyn Duke said.

“To me, it's calmness and peace,” Debbie Shaw said.

That is a calmness and peace absent for the past 28 days--since Isabel was abducted.

9 On Your Side reporter Kevin Keen asked Duke, “What have the last 28 days been like for you?” “Heartbreaking. Scary. Worried," she answered. "Stuff like this doesn't really happen in Tucson. It's shocking."

“It's been tumulus,” Shaw described. “I'm up. I'm down. I'm hopeful. I'm sad.”

But on this night, the focus is the six year old who loves the color purple.

“This is all about Isa,” Shaw said. “There's a little girl that's gone.”

The hope is that each step they take this night is another toward bringing her home.

“We don't want to put her on a back-burner story,” Brittney Patrick said. “We want to keep her up and fresh and out there just so everybody--hopefully nationwide--can see her. If by chance she is somewhere, then someone will recognize her and they'll bring her home.”

“Some of it for me is the pressure that whoever does have her--that if we keep her picture out here and we keep her name out here,” Tish Remsynder said, “maybe whoever does have her will be guilted enough to come and bring her back.”

Keen asked Duke: “Why is it important to spread the word about her?” “Because so many people are giving up already. We won't give up,” she said. “We will find her.”

Isabel’s mother also had a message for little Isa. Rebecca said, “We’re still looking for you, baby girl. We’re confident we’re going to find [you].”