Missing Money? Radio ad claims 65% of the road repair fund is unaccounted for


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Missing Money? Radio ad claims 65% of the road repair fund is unaccounted for

CREATED May 16, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- Are our roads so bad they're driving prospective businesses away from Tucson? That's what a new radio ad claims.  It takes aim at Pima County Supervisors -- asking where did the money go to fix the roads? KGUN9 On Your Side wanted to know the specifics and get a response from the Board of Supervisors.

It's a short ad with few details, but the claims are significant enough to grab some attention. The ad states: "Out of the half billion dollars Pima County received from the state to repair our roads, 65% is unaccounted for leaving our roads an embarrassing welcome to any prospective businesses looking to make Pima County home."

The ad directs listeners to go to the website, azbrighterfuture.com, and to call the Board of Supervisors to ask where the money went.

KGUN9 OYS wanted to know who was behind the ad to explain the claims, but couldn't find any name or organization listed on the website. The website creator, Tagline Media Group, told KGUN 9 that the person leading the non-profit organization is out of town and could not divulge the name until they could contact that person.

KGUN9 also wanted to know what the Board of Supervisors had to say. District 4 Supervisor Ray Carroll told KGUN9 reporter Valerie Cavazos that he heard the ad, but hasn't received any calls and hasn't researched the claims.

District 1 Supervisor Ann Day sent County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry an email -- asking for details. Huckelberry sent back a memo stating "The Arizonans For A Brighter Future needs to turn up the wattage, as their website conclusion is somewhat of a dim bulb."
Huckelberry was out of town on Wednesday, but he told KGUN9 -- by phone -- the math is not right and the organization missed other expenditures, such as employee pay and equipment costs. Huckelberry called the claims "foolish" and stated "every dollar is accounted for." He said that the money can be reviewed in line item detail from each Adopted Budget over the period of their analysis.
The website creator, Tagline Media Group, said the organization has put in a lot of time researching the road repair budget and came up with their numbers. However, the research is not spelled out on the website -- only the final numbers they came up with.

Tagline Media Group said the website went up 10 days ago.