ABC News reports Sergio Celis is not allowed to contact sons

ABC News reports Sergio Celis is not allowed to contact sons

CREATED May 12, 2012

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A new development tonight in the case of Isabel Celis -- now missing for 22 days. ABC News is now reporting that authorities won't allow Isabel's father Sergio Celis to see her two older brothers. ABC reports that those two boys are now in custody of their mother, Rebecca.

TPD is keeping the latest development close to the vest. Yesterday, Lt. Fabian Pacheco said, "There's a lot of details that I can't share with you: what got us to this point, what was that information."

What TPD did disclose is this: one parent has custody of the two sons -- and the other parent is not allowed contact with them.

Once again, a nugget of information that TPD released to the public about the ongoing investigation, which raises a new set of questions in this perplexing case.     

Danette Pahl, a family lawer who often handles cases involving CPS, said, "And it's speculative, what we know is we have a family that is in crisis and a child who is missing. And the public is demanding answers."

To questions such as -- in what possible senario does CPS separate a child from one parent -- and not both. Danette Pahl is a family lawyer -- and often handles cases involving CPS.

"It does happen quite often in my experience where you have one parent who's capable of parenting and there are new allegations that that parent has abused or neglected a child -- so they're going to put the child with the parent who's deemed to be safe," said Pahl. Neglect exists when parents place children at unreasonable risk of harm. CPS then begins an extensive investigation -- which she says could take weeks -- or months.
"This is a case that's receiving  nationwide attention and because of that Child Protective Services is going to act much more critically and much more carefully than they would potentially under normal circumstances where you'd have a case that's not high profile," said Pahl.

And then there's the question of the potential of an arrest. "In my opinion, the fact he hasn't been arrested and charged by TPD and any law enforcement agency, I think it's just a precautionary measure," said Pahl.

ABC news is reporting -- a source close to the investigation said the development does not mean that investigators are turning their focus on Sergio Celis in the disappearance of his daughter.

And to be clear -- TPD has not identified the parent who no longer has contact with the two sons.